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IF YOU ONLY STARTED FUCKING LIKING FALL OUT BOY AFTER SAVE ROCK AND ROLL CAME OUT THEN thats really cool dude I’m really glad you love this band I love, you wanna borrow any of my albums or anything let me know.

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So apparently in my sister’s class, there was a trans girl that had been on the cheerleading squad for a while. When she came out, the other girls on the squad made the agreement that whatever boy made fun of her would never get a date. And if you think that’s not the most metal girl alliance ever, you can sit down.

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Girls protecting girls.

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when you find out one of your best friends has been talking shit about you


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Disappointing Popsicle Jokes

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said “i love ur blog” but didn’t fucking follow me

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ESPN airs homophobic report on the showering habits of gay football player Michael Sam


Michael Sam made history earlier this year, first when he came out as gay and then when he was drafted to the St. Louis Rams. 

But that’s not reason enough for ESPN to respect him. Deadspin found a clip from this week where SportsCenter looks into details about Sam’s locker room showering habits and how they affect other players. 

Reporter Josina Anderson explained that one player told her that Sam was “simply just one of the guys, and he seems to be taking a rookie approach in terms of just listening and learning at his own pace.”

“[The player] said he was just trying to feel his way through and, perhaps, see what guys he can relate to,” she continued. “But another Rams defensive player told me — quote — ‘Sam is respecting our space.’”

“And that from his perspective, he seems to think that Michael Sam is waiting to kind of take a shower, as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable,” Anderson said.

The ESPN correspondent added that two other players said that they could not verify the shower report because “they weren’t tracking that.”

“[Defensive tackle Kendall Langford] told me, ‘Listen, I have not been in the shower at the same time as Michael Sam.’ He said there definitely could be a million reasons as to why that is,” Anderson asserted. “He said he could be doing extra work on the practice field, he could be riding his bike, he could be doing extra cardio.”

BREAKING NEWS: Gay people shower! Sometimes in locker rooms with other people! And sometimes alone! And it literally shouldn’t matter to anybody else!